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Dear Young Movers,
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My name is Nikola Stoynov, but my friends call me Koko, so you’ll have to call me Koko too:) It is my pleasure that I will be your guide to climb the Vitosha Mountain on April 18.
Our group has a special mission: climb the highest peak – Cherni Vrah (The Black Peak), at 2290 meters above the sea level and put there the YMC Flag. 
The plan is to get by bus from your hotels to about 1800 meters altitude, then to continue on foot. The route is not heavy and at a moderate pace in both directions, usually takes about 4 hours, including a stay about 20 minutes at the top. There is a small hut with a tearoom. In good weather, there is a magnificent view of the highest Bulgarian mountains – Rila and the Balkan Mountains, which cross over whole Bulgaria.
To have maximum comfort in the mountains, to experience the pleasure of our trip and to avoid unnecessary risks, it will be very important to be properly equipped. In spring Vitosha is still snowy and wet, so even though we will go on well-trodden paths, in first place I recommend high waterproof hiking boots. It is also important for everyone to have a proper jacket, hat, sunglasses and to put in the backpack at least one T-shirt, sunscreen and vaseline lip.
We expect most of the terrain to be snow, with temperatures around 0’-4’C. Winds could be between mild and strong. 
Once we install the flag at the peak, we will celebrate it, make pictures and head back.  
Dear Young Movers, I’ve been dozens of times at the Black Peak in all seasons and after our upcoming adventure I expect that you will save the best memories of Bulgarian nature and you will want to visit other beautiful mountains of Bulgaria as well.
When the time comes I will send you a detailed weather forecast for Vitosha for 18 April. 
I’m looking forward to see you soon in Sofia.
Nikola “Koko” Stoynov
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