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The Future of the Moving Industry will be entrusted to the Young Movers.

Moving companies have evolved and, in parallel with many other professions, are witnessing the growing trend for young people to take over the control and responsibility at a much earlier age than may have been traditional in the past.

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The conferences, meetings, discussions and professional training activities that they take part in and arrange are all influencing the future direction and decisions that have to be taken by companies and organisations within the industry.

The Young Movers started to organize their own European Conference back in 1991. The Young Movers Conference developed to become a yearly event being held somewhere in Europe. Each year the young movers of one of the European countries take over the responsibility to organize the next Young Movers Conference.

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The Convention is always very interesting and intimate. There, young owners make new friends from the moving business and meet partners they have worked with throughout the year. And there is more: they discuss business related topics and upgrade their knowledge. A great way to strengthen their network!

The history of an entire city in one iconic building – The Sofia Balkan Hotel

The hotel was built in 1956 as a part of a new architectural trend – fusion of classical design and lavish décor, which redefine the concept of space. The iconic building of Sofia Hotel Balkan is part of the President’s Palace complex and beneath its foundations lays a historical Roman palace, remains of which can be seen all around the hotel. Look at the square! Where in the world can you find an Orthodox dome, a Catholic church, a Muslim Mosque, a Jewish Synagogue and a five-star hotel at one place? Diversity is Sofia’s trademark. You will be located in the very centre of it. Sheraton_Sofia_Hotel Sofia Hotel Balkan has 184 stately rooms and suites and 1500m² of extraordinary banqueting space. Тhe rooms offer unique point of view to the city, exquisite comfort and amenities especially tailored for the modern traveler. Sofia Hotel Balkan is a hotel with a distinguished tradition and prides itself on the efficient and thoughtful service.

Main hotel

Sheraton Hotel Sofia Balkan

Excess hotel

Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Sofia

A luxury hotel sits on a round island – Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Sofia

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In the heart of the city, Radisson offers a brilliant and spectacular view of the Parliament building and of the Orthodox Cathedral Saint Alexander Nevsky. Set in the most wonderful square, you are right in the middle of Sofia so everything is on your door step. The fantastic location of Radisson Blu is a nice walking distance to many historical churches and the Presidential Palace.

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Choose from various rooms and suites at this designer Sofia accommodation, and enjoy optimum comfort in the heart of the city. Amenities include Free high-speed, wireless Internet, plenty of natural daylight and coffee and tea provisions. The suites also offer an exclusive balcony that overlooks the bustling square. Radisson Blu Grand Hotel sets extremely high standards in customer service.

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There are many solid reasons to attend this remarkable event. Here are some of them:

  • you are young and have the right to education and fun
  • this is the only forum worldwide made especially for the young movers
  • you are one of the brightest young professionals in your company and in a short period of time you’ve made a lot to make it even more successful
  • the contacts you make will expand your company’s worldwide network
  • you will increase the traffic of shipments
  • you get to know face-to-face the people you work on a day-to-day basis
  • you will learn first-hand the latest trends, innovations and technologies and implement them in your organization
  • and of course, it is definitely worth seeing Sofia – a city so rich of history and entertainment

Don’t delay yours and your company’s decision. Register today.

Young Movers Conference 2015 has been designed with networking in mind. It will offer many opportunities for you to meet and socialize with your colleagues from all over Europe and the world and make priceless professional contacts and personal friendships.

  • The Welcome Reception
  • The Welcome dinner
  • The Conference Day
  • The Traditional / Folklore Dinner
  • The Team Building activities
  • The Gala Dinner

Pack a big stack of business cards in your travel bag, take with you as many smiles and enthusiasm as possible and come to YMC 2015 in Sofia. Register here.

Paintball / Speedball

Paintball is a blend of action, strategy, adrenaline and small projectiles hurling through the air upwards of 300 km per hour. It’s teamwork – working or playing with other people is always a blast. If you’re playing paintball with a group of friends whom you really like, then it’s so much fun. You work together to strategize, to plan, to move forward, to win.

Mountain Biking

The freedom, the closeness to nature, the lack of conformity, the challenge of riding varied terrain all make mountain biking so much fun. Mountain bike trails if Vitosha mountain will take you to remote, peaceful places, where you can commune with nature, meditate, and enjoy the great outdoors. You’re always guaranteed of having fun on a ride.

Lake Fishing

Not everyone might be a fan of fishing, but we know those who are just love it. Right next to Sofia there is wonderful place to fish. Bring your own equipment, or we will reserve for you. Relax, be in touch with the nature. See if it is your lucky day – there is plenty of catfish, carp, zander, bighead fish.

Mountain Hiking

Enjoy the breath-taking landscapes of Vitosha Mountain. Take pictures. Conquer Cherni Vrah (2290 m.). Take a rest at the top at the mountain hut, drink famous Bulgarian herb tea with honey and maybe with few drops of rum in it 🙂

Go Kart Racing

Speed. Adrenaline. Competition. For those of you who are fans, we will have Sofia’s most advanced Go Kart venue prepared for a Grand Prix. Raise your pulse rate, start the adrenaline flowing, and foster some friendly competition.

Sofia is one of the best places in Europe for clubbing. The capital night life is amazing when the city truly comes alive at night. An atmosphere of liberation and fun dominates the night life scene of Sofia. The night clubs do not close up until the morning comes and the parties often go wild. Nothing is forbidden where loud extensive music meets smiling bright people, you can literally enjoy yourself at your best. Bedroom club There is plenty of opportunities to enjoy live music. Clubs regularly schedule performances by bands that play anything from traditional Bulgarian music to hardcore, punk, reggae, R&B, popular and many more. The typical going out in Sofia includes a dinner in some fancy popular restaurant, then going to a bar with live music or a night club at midnight. At morning hours people are either going home or they go and eat something before return home. There are many restaurants working during the early hours of the morning, providing the hungry crowd a warm breakfast in 6 am and a quiet place where the tired party animals can discuss what has happened in the night club. 10644348_723884954347291_1854530217586567934_o The Sofia night life is abandoned with places to go in the evening. You can find the largest concentration of bars in Sofia near Vitosha Blvd. and around Sofia University where many students like to hang out. You have an enormous choice of night clubs. Yalta Club is one of the best clubs for electronic music in Europe and our favorite. In addition we highly recommend Mascara, Bedroom and Black Label where you will find great choice of alternative popular music selected by world class DJ’s. Go to Brilliantine or Liqueur for a good retro music and if you are a rock fan then you should visit Alcohol or Backstage. Good selection of piano bars is also available, we can recommend My Way, Sinatra, Big Apple and Lime Light. C The best nights to party in Sofia are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Despite the fact that Sofia is a safe city, walking alone at night is not recommended. With all these and many more to choose from we’re pretty confident your Sofia night life experience will be a great one. Certainly it will be if the friendly locals have anything to do with it. Наздраве! 10001021_612674522135002_915082063_o

Sofia Statue The Bulgarian capital city of Sofia is named after the Church of Saint Sophia. Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and its largest city. Founded thousands of years ago, today the city continues to develop as the country’s cultural and economic center. At present, the city has a population of 1,450,000. St. Sofia Statue Sofia is located in the western part of the country. The city’s average altitude is 550 meters above sea level, the climate is moderate and continental, characterized by cold winters and relatively cool summers. The average temperature in January is -1C, and the average July temperature is 20C. The city is located at a strategic crossroads. The route from Western Europe to Istanbul passes through Sofia via Belgrade and Skopje, then through Plovdiv to Turkey. In addition, Sofia is relatively close to the capitals of most Balkan countries. Sofia Airport provides travelers with convenient connections to all major European cities, and from the central train station and bus station passengers can reach every destination in the country. 268673_10151103809399310_213090876_n Sofia preserves many valuable monuments to its long and storied past. Visitors exploring the city’s streets can see remnants of The Eastern Gate from the days when Sofia was Serdika and Sredets, dating from the 2nd-4th centuries CE. These remains are exhibited in the underpass connecting the Presidential Palace and Ministerial Council, surrounded by shops selling traditional Bulgarian souvenirs and rosewater. The Memorial Church Saint Alexander Nevsky is nowadays one of the city’s most recognizable symbols. This church was built in 1912, and was designed by the Russian architect Alexander Pomerantsev. Its bell tower rises to a height of 53 meters, and houses 53 bells, the heaviest weighing 10 tons. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Sofia, the church can hold roughly 5,000 people, and on important Christian holidays it is filled with believers. In the church’s crypt, there is an exhibit of Orthodox Christian art. Directly across from the church is National Gallery of Art, which often exhibits works by world-famous artists. The oldest church in Sofia is the Saint George Rotunda. It is thought that the church was built in the 6th century, during the reign of Constantine the Great. In the midst of the city’s religious landmarks, directly across from Presidential Palace, is National Archeological Museum, which has in its collection some of the most valuable treasures discovered in Bulgaria. Masterpieces of Bulgarian painting are on display at National Art Gallery, located in what was formerly the Bulgarian Royal Palace. National Museum of Ethnography is also located here, and Museum of Natural History is a very short distance away, with exhibits of plants and animals that are very valuable, and even some that can no longer be seen in the wild. National Museum of History, with its collection from prehistoric times to the present day, is located on the lower slopes of Mount Vitosha, in Boyana District. The museum has one of the largest collections anywhere, with over 700,000 items of cultural importance. Close to the museum is Boyana Church, one of the Bulgarian monuments listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are many more museums in the city, such as Polytechnic Museum, Museum of Anthropology, and Sports Museum. Since it is the nation’s capital, Sofia constantly plays host to important cultural and musical events, conferences, and sports competitions. National Palace of Culture, the city’s football stadiums, and the city’s large halls are venues for concerts and performances by famous individuals and groups. ndk2 The city is a preferred destination for international congresses, and there are a great many halls and centers offering possibilities for every need. Here, National Palace of Culture comes to mind as well. Sofia is also home to Bulgaria’s most prestigious and larges educational institutions. Near Sofia, in the Vitosha, Lozen, and Stara Planina (Central Balkan) Mountains, over the centuries so many monasteries have been founded that they came to be known as Sofia’s Holy Mountains. Sofia’s parks are a favorite place for rest and recreation. Borisov Park is right in the center of the city, and South Park is next to National Palace of Culture. There are two golf courses within an hour’s drive of the city, in the city of Ihtiman and the village of Ravno Pole, both offering excellent facilities to play and practice this sport that is becoming more and more popular in Bulgaria. During the winter, the ski resort on Mount Vitosha is a favorite with skiers and snowboarders alike, and during the summer it is a favorite place for hikers and picnickers. Mount Vitosha borders on The Vitosha Natural Park, which is the oldest nature reserve on the Balkan Peninsula. The species of flora in the park are particularly rich and varied. Ten of the peaks in the Vitosha Range are over 2,000 meters; the highest is Cherni Vrah (Black Peak), in the center of the park, at 2,290 meters. Since Mount Vitosha is a preferred destination for the capital’s residents, its fields and paths are alive with nature lovers. For more information about the park, please contact the Vitosha Nature Preservation Information Center, located roughly 1 km from the Dragalevtsi Quarter, close to the Dragalevtsi Monastery. There are two ski centers on Mount Vitosha to accommodate visitors to this very popular sports destination. They are Aleko and Konyarnika. Aleko is at an altitude of 1,800 meters, and its slopes face north. It also has facilities for night skiing. The Konyarnika Center is 1,507 meters high. There are a total of 29 km of ski runs on Vitosha, and the longest is 5 km. The maximum vertical drop is 780 meters. The slopes are suitable for both experienced skiers beginners. The Sofia Zoological Garden in the southern part of the city is the country’s larges zoo. It is a favorite place for a day’s outing for young and old alike. Sofia offers many places for kids to play. The parks are equipped with safe, modern, playground equipment, and there are both children’s playgrounds and indoor recreational facilities. Like every big city, Sofia has something for every taste: luxury hotels, including international hotel chains’ affiliates; a wide variety of hostels and smaller family guesthouses; a multitude of discos, restaurants, bars, piano bars, folk clubs, taverns, soda fountains, fast food outlets and many other kinds of entertainment. Sofia and the immediate vicinity also boast a great many spa complexes. The hot springs at Bankya, a nearby resort offer wonderful facilities for rest, recreation, and wellness. There are ten spa centers within the capital’s city limits offering peace and relaxation, along with therapeutic and beauty treatments. One of Sofia’s favorite spots for both visitors and residents is Vitosha Boulevard. Its shops carry world-famous brands, and since it is a pedestrian zone, it is a very pleasant place for strolling and relaxation. In general, the capital is a shoppers delight, since Sofia is still one of the major crossroads on the Balkan Peninsula for trade of all kinds. The city’s annual celebration is observed on September 17, in honor of the martyrdom of Saint Sofia and her three daughters Vyara (Faith), Nadezhda (Hope), and Lyubov (Love). For the Most Curious of You  Here are some super-resolution photos of Sofia. Follow this link.