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Dear Young Movers,

This is Kamen Alipiev & DJ Rady, your Team Leaders GoKart. Skip the formalities, call us Cedar & Rady from now on, put on your helmets and fasten your seat-belts. 
It is a great pleasure for us to be your hosts at the GoKart competition at the Sofia Karting Ring on April 18. Like every other group we will have a special mission, but anyway ours will be the hardest one, because we must stay sober until the end of the competition 😉 Not only because we must see who will be the fastest on track, but also for safety reasons.  
Our plan is to take you with a bus from your hotels and bring you to Sofia Ring Mall where the Sofia Karting Ring is located. Your bus will leave sharp 9.30 local time from the Sheraton, pass by the Radisson at 09:36 to take the rest and we will start the competition around 10:10. 
Sofia Karting Ring is probably the best GoKart facility in the country. The length of the track is 600 meters, width – 7.60 meters and it`s equipped with AMB timing system. 
The competitors will be divided in groups and will receive instructions from the Marshals on track before the start. 
Like every competition in the world, you will have the same target – to be as fast as you can and to win the first place at the final! The competition scheme is set by Mr. Yordan Vurbitzaliev – President of Bulgarian GoKart Federation, but anyway I know that it will be a piece of cake for you. The fastest racers will qualify for the next round and the number of the heats and rounds will depend on quantity of racers.  
Of course we will have a professional motorsport photographer on the track and everyone will have their precious moments of Glory 😉 . DJ Rady will throw a huge party before, during and after the competition. It will take around three hours to complete and we hope that you`ll enjoy it. 
Young Movers, actually Kamen is basketball commentator and don`t even have a driving license, so please don`t kill him if he makes some mistakes!
When the time comes you will receive a detailed information for your registration and starting order, so, 
Ladies and Gentlemen – be ready to start your Engines! 
We’re looking forward to see you soon in Sofia.
Best Regards,
Kamen “Cedar” Alipiev & DJ Rady
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