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“Dear Young Movers,

We are ADVENTURA – a team of experienced mountain bikers that will take you on adventure in Vitosha Mountain Nature Park. We are glad that you have chosen to come riding with us and we promise it will be a great day!

The trail:

We will ride at the foothills of the mountain on a wide soft earth trail with moderate levels of ascent and descent. The total distance is 21 kilometers (13 miles) with less than 600 meters accumulated ascent and nearly 900 meters accumulated descent. This all means that it will be a generally mild route that will take you up and down on a fun ride. We will expect the trail to be muddy so be prepared for this and some serious fun!


You will be provided with a mountain bike in perfect working order, suitable for the trail. The size of the bicycle will be according to your own height. You will be also provided with safety helmet that you need to wear at all times while on the bike. You can bring any additional equipment/safety gear if you wish.

NB – We recommend that you dress accordingly in sports clothes, ideally something light and breathable with waterproof overalls in case it rains. Sports shoes are also important and ideally you should wear riding / hiking shoes with good grip and ankle support. Riding gloves are also a good idea to protect your hands. Please bring additional set of clothes you can change into after the ride as you will be muddy for sure. Bring your own backpack to carry personal items. Your extra set of clothes will be transported to the finish by our bus.


A team of guides will be responsible for your safety so please listen carefully to instructions and directions at all times. They are experienced mountain bikers and MIAS (Mountain-Bike Instructor, Award Scheme) certified. Furthermore the team are fluent in English and will answer any questions you may have. One of us will take pictures for you having fun.


The weather in April can vary from a sunny day with temperatures in the early 20C to a grim rainy day with temperatures not exceeding 5C. It can also be both. You should generally expect a spring day in the mountains with highly changeable weather. We will provide you with a detailed forecast nearer to the time.

Looking forward to riding with you,


Useful links:

Your trail – open it with Google Earth: http://adventura.bg/ymc/track.kmz
Weather Forecast Vitosha Mountain: http://www.accuweather.com/en/bg/vitosha/109248_poi/weather-forecast/109248_poi
The website of Adventura: http://adventura.bg/en/

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