YMC 2015 - Communication Team Leader Paintball Tournament, Mr. George Zlatarev

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Dear friends,

Most of you probably already know my name, but for the rest I am George Zlatarev and I will be your lead for the war games during the entertainment part at the Young Movers Conference 2015.

We are going to be picked up from our hotels with a bus and transferred to a playground called “Paintball Arena” specially designed field for war games.

In the first part of the game group of five members of terrorist organization attacked and captured secret base of the military forces near the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.  The core network servers in the building are with strategic meaning for the functionality of the forces communications system. The data cannot be read but destroying the servers will lead to chaos and disintegration of the forces.

The counterintelligence succeeds to capture the main bomb. Unfortunately the enemy has backup – another bomb from old generation with clock mechanism. They cannot activate it remotely. This is why terrorists are there in the building, guarding it.

Our mission is to find the bomb, deactivate it and kill the terrorists. Instructions for deactivation will be attached to the bomb. Terror team are only five but they are extremely dangerous and heavy armed. We should not underestimate them.

During the second part of the games we will be divided into three groups and our mission will be to capture the flag of the opposite team. The group who survive longest and have less casualties will win the final and the reward for best team.

We believe that being on a good terms with the team in yeah organization or structure is the most important matter of success. That is why we want you to think, act and play as a team and let’s see who the best one is.

Upon the arrival of the bus at the field each player will be supplied with camouflage costume, body protectors, armored googles, face mask and plenty of provisions to shoot. We have five professional English speaking instructors to keep us save and in good condition during the game.

Please bring with you casual clothing in which you will feel comfortable to run and hide. We recommend you to wear sport shoes.  During the games hot tea, beverages and snacks will be provided to the audience. 

Once we finish playing and having fun at the field the best team will win a cup and players will receive a special medal of honor. Then we will be headed to a restaurant and celebrate.

Looking forward to see you soon in Sofia.

Kind regards,

George Zlatarev

[email protected]

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